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Legal counsel Marcin Grabowski

Legal counsel Marcin Grabowski graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. His dissertation was acknowledged and published in Jagiellonian University Scholarly Notebooks. He also completed with honours Postgraduate Studies of Negotiation, Mediation and other Alternative Dispute Resolutions at Warsaw University. Subsequently he accomplished the legal apprenticeship and was registered as a legal counsel with The Circuit Chamber of Legal Counsel in Krakow (KR – 2392).

Marcin Grabowski gained his professional experience while working for the renowned law firms.  Over this period he was a member of the department of intellectual property law as well as provided corporate legal services for business entities. He also has a rich litigation experience thanks to representing business entities in intellectual property cases in front of common courts. In addition to this, he participated in economic and employment law disputes and represented individual clients in disputes related with real estate, inheritance or property protection law.

As an in-house lawyer, Marcin Grabowski provided legal services for business entities from the e-commerce as well as construction and commercial industries. He drafted and issued opinions on the statutes of Internet portals as well as counseled online retailers.  Moreover, he drafted documents and procedures of the personal data protection for online services providers. He also provided legal services for one of the first f-commerce platforms in Poland.

Marcin Grabowski partcipates in numerous conferences and scholarly meetings on law, he is also an author of academic articles. On top of that, he also specializes in legal negotiations. Here are the selected publications:

  1. “On-line License Agreement for Using a Musical Work – Legal Features”.  Jagiellonian University Scholarly Notebooks. Papers on Intellectual Property Law, No. 106, Krakow 2009.
  2. “E-mediation – How to Resolve the Dispute Online”.  Mediation Courier published by the Ministry of Justice for World Mediation Day, Warsaw 2010.
  3. „Mediation in Intellectual Property Cases”. Electronic Publication on www.mediacja.com
  4. “E-mediation as a Method of Resolving Disputes in E-commerce”. ADR. Arbitraż i Mediacja, no. 4(20)/2012, C.H. BECK 2012.
  5. “Is the consumer still weaker or already stronger”, Gazeta Prawna, Firma i Prawo, nr3(3644), 7th January 2014r.