Internet Law

Our law firm has an experience in providing legal services for the variety of business entities from the Internet industry, such as digital media agencies, SEO and e-commerce companies. Cooperation with our clients involved providing the services pertaining to the personal data protection, the registration of data collections in GIODO , drafting statutes , privacy policies and contracts for Internet services providers, online stores and social media sites. Within the services provided for one of our clients we successfully implemented the legal regulations for one of the first f-commerce platforms, used as a Facebook application. We specialize in legal procedures pertaining to the violation of intellectual property law, the rights to the trademark as well as the Internet domain name disputes.

The new media, including the Internet, has revolutionized the social life which we used to know. Every day more and more online stores and e-commerce platforms are created and they all allow their users to enter into economic relations. Many entrepreneurs decided to take advantage of it and run their businesses concurrently or only by means of the Internet.

The law attempts to follow these changes. The legislator introduces new solutions which are supposed to adjust the current regulations to the evolving areas of live. In our legal order this evolution is governed and facilitated by the Community legislator who by means of the European Union ordinances and directives unites the legal systems of the respective EU members. There is a jurisprudence of the Polish courts as well as the courts operating within the structures of the European Union.  As a result, the legal doctrine is becoming more and more coherent.  As a whole, it outlines the law which can be called the law of the Internet.

If a business is run via the Internet, many aspects of this law need to be considered, such as the regulations of the protection of consumers’ rights or the protection of personal data, the law of unfair business practices, advertising law, etc. The relations between business entities operating via the Internet contribute to creating many new contracts, for example SEO contracts, hosting agreements, PR or web design contracts and more. Business activities are frequently of the long-term nature, therefore it is critical to protect the client’s interests by preparing the correct drafts of the contract, statute, or privacy policy and resolving disputes with the consumer or contracting party.

This still evolving industry compels us to continually elevate our qualifications and adjust the legal instruments to changing circumstances. We are open-minded and willing to cooperate.